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About TATU

TATU Group is a comprehensive group company based on road professional product manufacturing and professional services and is committed to global development. It owns several independent international industrial brands such as TATU Marking Machine, WellRoad and LivesRoad. Its business scope covers road chemicals, road machinery, smart transportation, engineering construction, technical services and real estate development.



Established in 1998


8 bases

Covering the country


products Export to

more than 100 countries

Brand & Business

  • Road Marking Products-TATU

    Under the brand of TATU, there is a full range of road marking mechanical product research and development production capacity. It is currently the world's largest manufacturer of road marking machinery products, and the only one in China that can produce road marking trucks and ride-on type road marking machines.

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  • Road Machinery-Wellroad

    Wellroad is a global road engineering machinery manufacturing in China, which is rooted in European technology, is dedicated to product development,manufacturing and sales for four types of road engineering construction machinery including road engineering special vehicles, road maintenance machinery, slip form paver machine and transfer trailers.

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  • Smart Transportation-Livisroad

    Livisroad specializes in the development, production and sales of smart traffic products such as traffic lights, controller, electronic police, electronic signs, etc. It is famous brand which is a global product variety, a long industrial chain, a large number of exporting countries and a comprehensive service capability.

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  • Real Estate Development

    TATU Real Estate is a real estate development brand with the qualifications recognized by the national construction authority. Since TATU Real Estate has entered the real estate development market, it has always adhered to the product development concept of “environmental protection, energy saving, and livable innovation”, and is committed to becoming a builder of distinctive and comfortable houses.

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Henan local traffic industry event, writing a new chapter in the development of industry in Central Plains

On July 4, 2018, TATU Traffic Group was established on the basis of “high professionalism, providing the market with tangible innovative products and services,

Coatings to be used in future road markings

With the sustained and rapid development of China's economy, the continuous progress of urban processes and industrialization, and increasingly serious environmental pollution

TATU brand large driving type cold paint road marking machine exported to Greece

On April 4, 2019, the large driving type cold paint road marking machine ordered by Greek customers was smoothly packed and shipped from TATU Traffic Group's comprehensive production base in TATU Road, Zhengzhou City Airport Port. The goods will be shipped from Qingdao Port export and transported to the Piraeus port of, the outer port of Athens, Greece.   From the International Marketing Center of TATU Traffic Group, the customer has a very rich industry experience and has used many of th...

The airport runway marking machine is a device used on an airstrip to mark the bright white or yellow lines and symbols.It includes runway number mark, runway central line mark, runway sideline ma

The airport runway marking machine is a device used on an airstrip to mark the bright white or yellow lines and symbols. It includes runway number mark, runway central line mark, runway sideline mark, entry mark, grounding mark, distance mark, taxiway middle line mark, taxi waiting position sign and all kinds of guide lines on the parking apron, which can be drawn by marking equipment.

  • -Quality management-

    Strictly control product quality, continuously create benefits and value

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  • -Environmental Protection-

    Vigorously invest in environmental research and development to create a green environment for more people

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  • -Employee Care-

    Encourage individuality, support innovation, and build a happy life for people of heaven and earth

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  • -Mutual benefit -

    Active innovation and cooperation mode, persist in win-win and tolerance

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  • -Management mechanism-

    Strive to create perfect enterprise management to ensure a high degree of integration between people and enterprises

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