Social Responsibility 


For a long time, TATU has always taken being able to provide secure, environmental, economic and high-quality products and services for society as its primary responsibility, strives to get recognition and understanding from all levels of government, partners and the surrounding public by consistently adhering to the professional attitude and excellent performance, takes efforts to establish development model of positive interaction among the external environment, the internal mechanism and mode of development, adheres to healthy, steady and sustainable development path.

To provide the society with quality products
It is TATU's social responsibility to provide reliable product and service to the society and public by it's safety, environmental and high-quality products. As a manufacturing-based multi-industry group, TATU’s core business is road-specific product whose basis is quality.


Only high-quality products can make traffic become smooth and safe, can obtain trust from customers and the public, can create benefits and value to society, thus TATU can develop sustainably.

To create a better environment for more people
TATU pays attention to environment protection and energy saving, develops vigorously environmentally-friendly paint and energy-efficient, high-quality products with high  technology barriers and special market competition, reducing market dependence on imported products, promotes applications of high-tech products (such as environmentally-friendly paint and special truck) in road construction,  to create a better environment for more people. At the same time, TATU speeds up the adjustment of industrial structure and regional distribution, promotes technological innovation, and focuses on innovative and meticulous management, forming industrial development pattern with strong comprehensive strength, higher market competitiveness and sustainable development.

To provide more jobs for local market
As a fast-growing enterprise, industrial expansion and increased base will undoubtedly bring a lot of talents to participate. Talents’ participation not only solves local employment problem, but also improves the driving force of TATU’s continued rapid development.


TATU not only offers competitive compensation and benefits system for employees, but also a practical training programs and professional development programs. TATU has always taken creating a happy life and brilliant future for employees as the company's basic philosophy.

To create a win-win pattern for stakeholders
The best state of enterprise development is to form a symbiotic ecosystem integration of upstream and downstream businesses. According to the concept of cooperation and win-win, TATU shares and helps other parties to achieve cooperation, development and innovation. In the aspect of industrial chain, TATU innovates cooperation model such as profit concessions, credit payments and equipment support to improve product overall quality and localization, and also increases business for other cooperative parties.

TATU always believes that our work can not just focus on upgrading its own hard power, but also pays more attentions to the reasonable demands from the society about “fair, share and friendly” while the company has been “becoming stronger, better and larger”. 

TATU knows, the more influence, the more responsibility. TATU dedicates to become the leader of the global road-specific products manufacture. TATU must take more social responsibility to achieve this ideal, must treat every employee well and use natural energy to better serve the country and repay the society.