Road Construction Series
Road Construction Series is the well-known brand specialized in road constrcution and service, and also a service-oriented professional brand which provides customers with product and technical support, in order to meet customers’ practical needs about construction. Construction service mainly includes seven service modules as road marking, road signs, traffic signals, electronic police, curb slipform paver, road maintenance and road safety facities, and is the leading road construction brand with strong comprehensive service capabilities.  Currently Road Construction Series has established R & D center of road construction in Shanghai, and five manufacturing bases in China.
Road Construction Series established R & D center of road construction in Shanghai in order to compensate for lack of construction experiences about road engineering design or unconventional construction. With the full-time and part-time technical consulting and design team, many professional road construction teams, years of extensive design and construction experience, and thousands of road construction solutions, the center is able to dispatch professional and experienced account managers and designers for customers timely based on their actual needs, and providing customers with engineering or construction design by text, graphic, three-dimensional animation and other forms.