Base Distribution 


TATU TRAFFIC GROUP has an area of 260 acres of R&D and production base of road marking products in Zhengzhou Airport District;

has built the world's largest R&D and production base of road-specific vehicles and road construction machinery in Tongzhou Bay;

has built a world-class R&D and production base of intelligent transportation products in Nantong;

has an operation center and consulting center of road engineering and technical design in its headquarter in Shanghai;

has a research center of intelligent transportation technology in Shenzhen;

has built special chemical plants in Lanzhou, Nanchang, Guilin, Shenzhen and other places.

Many large-scale domestic production bases and professional chemical plants formed a firm multi-legged standing and echoing trend, and spread TATU’s special products and professional services of the whole industry chain throughout the country in a short time, and with the help of two port bases on the Tongzhou Bay, South Tianjin Dagang, it’s very convenient to deliver all products to all over the world.