• Talent Concept
  • Professional system
  • Salary structure
  • Welfare

TATU adheres to people-oriented and long-term development. As an industry leader, employees are the first element of TATU, the driving force for TATU’s sustained and rapid development.

The company not only offers a very competitive compensation and benefits system for employees, but also provides them a set of practical training programs and professional development programs.

TATU respects every employee by giving space for career development and reflecting the opportunities for personal growth and self-worth.

We believe in building happy life and brilliant future for TATU employees as the company's basic philosophy. TATU will provide a good platform for human who is interested in displaying their individual talents in well-known enterprises.

TATU fully respect the staff’s choice at the entry of the enterprise, and also adjust employees' jobs under the premise of mining potential ability of employees, to ensure that employees get transferred and orderly flow in the group.


TATU’s professional system is designed based on the career path, which provides the staff with a dual career development path, and a broader space and stage.

The main professional system of TATU as follows:
Marketing jobs:
Grassroot  posts →Business representatives→Business executives→Regional Manager→Business Director→Vice president of business;

Technical positions:
Grassroots posts→Technician→Assistant Engineer→Engineer→Senior Engineer→Senior Engineer→Experts in the field→Technical Director;

Management positions:

grassroots posts→Excellent staff→Grassroots management→Middle management→Managing Director→Vice president.

TATU pays a lot of attentions to the talent training and staff‘s progress. TATU takes a variety of ways to help employees grow, like taking combat training, communication and guidance, team cooperation, focused on training, pressure growing, and so on.


TATU establishes a set of complex salary system for employees according to different categories, which classified according to the difference between job nature and job content.

1. Management sequence
Management sequence refers to the sequence works in management and has a management position, or more generally that "men have staff” TATU will determine its remuneration criteria based on the contents of program they assume: responsibility, organization, leadership, management and control and so on. 

2. Technical sequence
Technology refers to the post engaged in technology research and development design operation, etc, that in need of technical content. TATU paid on the basis of specific skills to the level and degree of diligence, efficiency situation of staff. The project also offers generous bonuses for outstanding contributions to the technical staff.

3. Sales sequence
Sales sequence means the post engaged in product (service) sales in the market. TATU, through its scientific marketing pay system and the corresponding assessment mechanism, provides the staff work in frontline sales lucrative business commission, aims to motivate sales staff positions filled combat to forge ahead. 

Welfare is loving and caring to the lift of staff, a series of material benefits in addition to salary and bonus in TATU for employees, and also affirmation and encouragement to staff for their hard work.

Every year, TATU organized excellent staff group travelling to various mountains and rivers  so that employees have a chance to relax, or participating in various sports and entertainment events and activities to better cultivate feelings among employees, increasing trust between employees and improve teamwork staff.

We are also concerned about the health of each employee by providing medical staff, medical expenses and other health benefits.

We strive to make each employee work in a warm and friendly working environment; we try to make each employee be happy and enjoy the fun in his spare time.

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