Business Cooperation 


TATU has explored a series of win-win methods and experiences with cooperative and inclusive concept while dealing with customers, franchisees, material suppliers and other related parties. Whether you want to purchase products, join or intend to provide competitive materials, TATU will always be your best partner!

  • Purchase products
  • Franchise sales
  • Material supply

According to sincere, caring, and inclusive and win-win concept:
we provide "God-like" service to customers by means of "pre-sales consultation", "responsible for sale", "after-sales training", "service", "product tracking," "user feedback," "service warranty", planning for customers before sales, responsible for customers during the sale, satisfying customers after sales;

safeguarding the interests of customers is always our ultimate goal.


TATU determines its own franchisees target group based on market positioning, product features, channel characteristics and other factors. TATU focuses on long-term development, so it requires franchisees to have the economy strength to operate market and operational capability. 

Meanwhile, TATU also provides comprehensive product training, technical guidance and marketing and other support for every franchisee to ensure mutual benefit and cooperation, share marketing results.


TATU knows that manufacturing is a multi-resource dependent industry; we can remain invincible in the competitive industry only by taking use of all resources rationally, efficiently and honestly, and integrating the concept of sustainable development into the operation of the entire chain.

Based on such understanding of "TATU supply chain," the concept of sustainable development is deeply rooted in every link of the supply chain, through the supply of materials, parts manufacturing and other sectors, establishes a complete green chain and a quality control chain, which not only lays the foundation for TATU quality manufacturing, but also ensures TATU can continuously provide consumers with highly competitive products.

Whether you provided services for TATU before, TATU will offer you win-win opportunities as long as you are honest, have genuine and quality materials or spare parts, and are willing to cooperate with us.