Management Elements 


The essence of TATU management is to develop strategies for sustainable development, to select and take good use of professional management personnel, and to build a strong team.

The main requirements for TATU to remain invincible in the face of intense competition in the industry are as follows:
First, right strategy;
Second, competent leaders and excellent team.

Use of personnel is the core element of management, and a key factor to put the right strategy into practice. To sum up, it is a process of selecting, employing, caring and training people. Have wisdom to select, have tolerance and courage to employ, caring but managing strictly as well, be responsible to cultivate people for their further development. 

TATU adheres to the concept “Appreciate talents with integrity;
Cultivate normal employees with integrity; Hire talents without integrity selectively;
Employ none without talents or integrity”, in order to make TATU team become stronger and take full use of each employee’s talent.