Real Estate Series
Real Estate Series is the real estate brand authorized by National Construction Institutions. Since it entered the real estate market, Real Estate Series has always adhered to product development philosophy “Environmental protection and energy saving, Homelike and innovative”, and has strived to build unique and comfortable houses. In this respect, Real Estate Series is involved in the promotion of green houses with low-carbon energy technology actively and persistently, thus it not only enhanced the product quality and its own corporate image, but also made contributions to promote urbanization and low-carbon urban construction.
 Over the years, Real Estate Series expanded moderately outwards while based in Zhengzhou, project development and construction from the Yellow River to the Yangtze River, have developed successfully a series of outstanding residential and commercial buildings. TATU-Home (the first-period) were sold out in the opening day with its excellent construction quality, ultra-standard community greening and cost-effective sales price, which never happened before in this area. 
Real Estate Series will continue to implement the real estate development strategy "build green and happy home" in the future development, will commit to the development of green technology property, and stick to building low-carbon and green-tech real estate, to make a greater contribution to the construction and development of the city.

 Where is a road, there is TATU! TATU TRAFFIC GROUP is seizing firmly the favorable opportunity of the current international economic situation and development trend of global industry consolidation, and taking full advantages of talent, technology, brand value, company culture and diversification, to achieve TATU’s objective “Create global industry-leading products, Establish international benchmark for the industry”.